Wildlife Tour

View and learn about Big River Estuary's wonderful wildlife with naturalist Sara Grimes...

Proa Outrigger Tours

This uniquely styled proa outrigger is the perfect way to see Big River in style...

Hybrid Eco Cruises

Hybrid propulsion is combined with Polynesian technology...

Full Moon Paddle

Big River is beautifully lit with the rising full moon.

Bioluminescence Tours

Explore Big River after dark to see the water come alive with luminescence...

Welcome to Tour Big River! Established in 1972, Catch a Canoe & Bicycles Too continues to provide a wide selection of kayaks, canoes, redwood outriggers and bicycles for exploring beautiful Big River Estuary and trail system. Our river tours use unique redwood outriggers which are beautiful to behold, and offer a secure, ultra stable ride. The Solar Wind outrigger holds 9 persons including the guide, and is equipped with a downwind spinnaker for gentle sailing into the upper estuary. A solar panel array is coupled with a 24 volt battery system and an efficient electric drive to make for a nearly effortless return. The Solar Eco Cruise leaves from our dock daily at 11:15 AM from June 22nd through September 2nd. This beautiful canoe is also used with human power only for our popular night tours.

New for 2013 is the Redwood Cruiser, this smaller outrigger can accommodate up to 4 persons, plus the guide. It has downwind sails and an electric motor option, and is used for wildlife tours and the intimate Evening Cruise. Our experienced guides are low key and very knowledgeable about the River's wildlife, terrain, and historical significance. Our unique outrigger designs allow you to meet new friends and share in pleasant conversation during this memorable river experience. Yet our guides understand that the silence and subtle sounds of Big River are equally appreciated, and this balance is respected and encouraged.

Big River

Big River flows fifty five miles westward from the rugged Coast Range into Mendocino Bay. Due to its slight gradient, the lower eight miles are tidal, providing paddlers with good depth year round. Nestled within California's newest state park, the Big River estuary--including its abundant wildlife and adjacent lands--is now permanently protected.

“Big river looks tantalizingly moody and gorgeous, its slinky coils meandering over grassy flats and vanishing into a deep gorge defined by the dark towering presence of coastal redwoods.”

— Outside Magazine